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Nov. 2024



Submit your film
for FIFAVA 2023

*Films must be subtitled in French

You :

Your film :
(*less than 25 mins)

Thank you !

Les inscriptions pour l'édition 2024 du FIFAVA sont désormais closes. Les inscriptions pour l'édition 2024 du FIFAVA ouvriront le 1 Décembre 2025.

Rules of the Festival

1) FIFAVA organises the Anglet International Festival of Short Film in order to put in place a cultural event during three days in November

3) The festival is open to anyone, individual or group of people. It is free to take part.

4) The committee responsible for the selection has the right to refuse any pornographic, racist or defamatory film; it also decides on the order in which films are shown during the competition.

5) Films shown during the festival will have to reach the organisers in compatible (USB Key, SD Card) format in High definition or Via the Internet.


The films will be projected in panoramic (16/9th) high definition. HD 1920x1080, 50p, mp4, codec H264


Each film must not exceed 25 minutes. Films in which the original language is not French can take part in the selection providing there are sub-titles in French. Each participant is responsible for obtaining the necessary authorisation to have his film shown in public as the organisers cannot be held responsible for any copyright of the image nor for the use of sound track without the author’s agreement.

6) The film must be sent to the head quarter of the association ( FIFAVA.Maison pour tous,6 rue Albert le Barillier,64600 Anglet, France ) with an entry form duly completed and signed. The deadline for submission is the 30th of June of each year.

The sender will have to pay postage and insurance: in no case are the organisers responsible for any loss or damage done during transportation. Films will not be returned.

7) Participants give permission to the organisers of the festival, without getting any payment or special reward , to have the right to reproduce photographs or part of their films less than 3 minutes long, to be broadcast in the local Media, on the Internet or on TV, to promote the festival. The Anglet International Short Film Festival condemns any commercial use of the films received, without the producers agreement.

8) The chosen films will be shown to the public free of charge at Anglet Library for educational and training purposes.

9) The decision made by the committee is final and cannot be contested.

10) It will not be possible to withdraw any film by his producer once it has been submitted with the entry form duly signed.


11) Prizes will be attributed as following :

Genêt d'Or, City of Anglet Award, Audience Award, Best Documentary Award, Best Animated Film Award, Best Fiction Film Award.


12) Taking part confirms your acceptance of the above Terms and Conditions


13) Any question not covered in the Terms and Conditions will be dealt by the executive committee of the festival.

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